Warren Central School

Delivering Opportunity and Quality Education

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Our Principal

Warren Central School is a dynamic learning community where students can achieve according to their abilities, needs and interests taught by qualified teachers and supported by the very latest in educational technology.

We offer each student the opportunity to excel academically and personally.  Whether your child is starting school, making the transition from primary to secondary or entering Warren Central School at another stage, we pride ourselves on making the transition for each student an easy process.

We are proud of our school.  It has outstanding physical and educational resources set on one of the most attractive school grounds in the Western Region.  While the buildings are important to us because they make an excellent learning environment, the most important part of our school is its students and families.

The school's motto is "Humanitas Cum Honore" which means "Humanity with Honour".  Students get out of Warren Central School what they put into it.  We believe that our students should make a contribution to the wellbeing of other students, to their own self-improvement and to their local community.

Mr Duncan Lovelock