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Primary Prefects

Each year six students in Year 6 have the privilege of holding the position of prefect or captain in the K - 6 school, (four prefects and two captains.)  This is a valuable opportunity for the students to develop their leadership and responsibility skills.

In October students from K – 5 are asked to put forward nominations for students they would like to be prefects.  Teachers must ratify these nominations before announcing who is eligible for consideration.  If these students accept their nomination they are asked to deliver a short presentation at an assembly, outlining the skills and attributes they posses that would make them suitable prefects or captains.
Prefects and captains are then democratically elected when the K – 6 staff and K – 5 students cast their votes.
The announcement of prefects and captains for the following year is made at the final K – 6 assembly for the year.  They captains are inducted at the School Presentation Night and the prefects are inducted at the first whole school assembly in the following year.  Early in that year all eight students attend a leadership conference.
The prefects have a number of responsibilities:
  • To model pride in wearing the correct school uniform
  • Helping to set up the hall for assemblies
  • Running school assemblies
  • Showing visitors around the school
  • Thanking guests after presentations
  • Organising K – 6 discos
  • Maintaining the sports cupboard
  • Setting a good example to all students.

Captains and Prefects