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School canteen

The school canteen is run by the P&C.  It provides a service for the students of the school and when profits are sufficient it purchases equipment for the canteen and the school.  The P&C employs a Canteen Supervisor, Mrs Janice Oriel to work in the canteen every day.  Successful operation of the canteen also requires assistance from volunteer parents/carers/grandparents and if you can assist by working on the canteen roster you will be making a valued contribution to the school. Please contact our Canteen Supervisor through the school's Front Office, if you are able to assist weekly, monthly or even once a term. Working on the canteen requires becoming a member of the P&C for an annual fee of $1.  This is purely for insurance purposes.

Tap N Go - Is available for students to use at Recess and Lunch.

Special Days

At least once a term there is a Special Day where orders can be taken for a set meal. 

Lunch Orders

Primary students can order recess and/or lunch by writing on a bag at home (separate bag for each) indicating name and year on the bag.  Students place their orders in a metal box in the shelter shed before morning assembly and when classes start the box is sent to the canteen.  Orders are delivered to classrooms prior to breaks.  All food for recess and lunch must be ordered before 10am. 

Primary School Use of the Canteen

K - 6 students are not able to visit the canteen at recess however there is an opportunity for them to purchase snack items after they have eaten their lunch.  The students who have money are asked to line up and are then escorted to the canteen by a staff member. 

Secondary School Use of the Canteen

Secondary students can also order from the canteen in person before school or in the first half of recess. 


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