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Years 8, 9 and 10 Subject Selection

Exciting times! Subject selection is here!

A wise choice of subjects has an important bearing on your happiness and success at school. All students should consider the following when making their subject selection:

·         Interests-choose subjects that interest you and that you will enjoy

·         Abilities- choose subjects that you think you will perform well in

·         Career goals- choose subjects that will help you achieve your career goals.

Avoid taking subjects simply because your friends are doing them, you are satisfying your parent’s wishes, you like or dislike the teacher or you think the subject is easy. Remember there are no “easy subjects” and there is no easy way to gain marks. Sustained and diligent effort is the key to learning success.

Year 10 students should choose subjects you are interested in, good at and may use in the future.  You should do some research and explore the course content to find out what you will learn in the subject. English is the only compulsory subject. Students who are aspiring to go to university need to choose ATAR courses.

It is a good idea to talk with your teachers about your strengths and individual course requirements. Will you be required to submit a major work or complete workplace hours? It can be helpful to talk with students who are currently doing the subject which you are interested and completing career quizzes, which are provided in the links below.

Mrs Lovelock

Careers Advisor