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Technology is an integral part of education in the twenty-first century.  Warren Central School students enjoy enviable access to the latest classroom technology to support their learning. We have embraced technology to not only improve student engagement but to help narrow the digital divide by making technology accessible for all students.  Our facilities include:


DEC Intranet

Students can access the DEC intranet via their Student Portal at school or at home.  This provides access to many DEC approved learning resources including email and educational games. It also provides students the ability to organise their school activities online, timetables etc. 



Our students enjoy two sets of 25 iPads.  Primary school department has a portable trolley that is used to move one set of iPads between classrooms, and the secondary side of the school has a dedicated iPad learning studio that was generously furnished by the P&C. The iPads have a variety of apps that students are able to utilise in all KLAs across the entire K-12 years. Executive staff members and members of the iPIT (iPad Implementation Team) have their own personal devices.

Computer Labs

The school has two computer labs that are also equipped with interactive whiteboards and HP network laser printers.

Interactive Whiteboards

All classrooms in the school are equipped with an interactive whiteboard.  Teachers use these as tools to support engaging and interactive lessons.

SMART Interactive TV

Write.Touch.Swipe.Pinch. SMART interactive displays, whiteboards and collaboration. Easy to use for teachers and students. 

Connected Classrooms

Four Connected Classrooms throughout the school facilitate video conferencing of lessons and virtual excursions.  There is also a separate video conferencing unit for staff in the school boardroom.

Wireless Network and Laptops

All Year 10 – 12 students have their own Department of Education and Communities (DEC) supplied, wirelessly enabled specialist educational laptops which connect within the school via managed wireless infrastructure.  

We also cater for younger groups by supplying a laptop trolley and 28 laptops for everyday use around the school. These work in the same fashion as the DEC supplied devices.

Library Facilities

The library is wirelessly networked throughout for school laptops and houses a Senior Computer Room with ten desktop computers.  There is also a Netbook computer lab consisting of thirty computers.  Two interactive whiteboards facilitate lessons and virtual excursions.